JP 8145

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Eric Wain's Gallery Two

JP8145 was an AEC Regal III with a Beccols FC33F body which also was new to Smiths of Wigan, but in 1950.  The observant may note some similarities between these two bodies.  The reason is that two employees of Bellhouse Hartwell left the company to form Beccols, and produced bodies broadly similar to those with which they were accustomed.  This one was purchased from Smiths in 1956, becoming no. 12, and, like 22, was withdrawn in 1961.  


It was sold to the 2nd Barrow-in–Furness Scout Troop and Trevor Berresford told me of an encounter with the coach some while later.  He and his wife were relaxing on holiday in Northern France when he heard a vehicle approaching.  He commented that, if they were back in England, he would not be surprised if it was old no. 12.  When it came in sight, that was just what it turned out to be.  He hurried to the car and followed it to where the scouts were camping.  After some interesting conversations, a photograph was taken to record the event.