Berresfords haulage

The haulage wing of Berresfords Motors Ltd was never related to similarly named Potteries company which traded under the name of Beresford Transport. We are currently continuing to research the haulage business which was originally the domain of Trevor Berresford, if anyone has information they can share with this archive site please contact us. For now we present a few previously unseen images  coutesy of the BML collection and also Bill Jackson.

Berresford Motors of Cheddleton


Pictures 1 - 6 are views of the Scammel Trunker which came as a 32 ton gross tractor unit from Shell/BP. It had a Leyland 680 engine and a 6 speed gate-change gear box. At first it towed with a concrete block above the 5th wheel and a bar, later acquiring the wrecker body, (in some of the photos), and a concrete filled girder across the front.  Even later when a fault developed on the centre axle the axle was removed and it continued its role in 4 wheel guise.  A fantastic motor, it would pull a house down!


Remaining photos have individual captions, click each photo to enlarge.