Berresfords the 1940's


6. VD 6506 is an AEC Regal with a Leyland body! It was new in 1936 to Central SMT, arriving at Cheddleton in 1944. It was rebodied with the Leyland body in 1947 and converted to full front at the same time. Withdrawn in 1955.


7. VR 5998 is a Leyland TS2 Manchester Corporation B32R, new in 1930 to Manchester Corporation. It arrived at Cheddleton in 1945 and was later converted to front entrance. Withdrawal date unknown.


8. MRF 528 is a Guy Arab III\SEAS B37F, delivered new as one of a pair in 1947. It is seen in Longton Bus Station and was withdrawn in 1954.


9. ORE 641 is also seen in Longton Bus Station. It is a 1947 Leyland PS1/1 with a Willowbrook


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