Berresfords the 1950's


10. TRF 990 is seen parked at the garage in November1953. It is an AEC rebuild with a Yeates C37F body. The rebuild was done as Berresford’s in 1950, the vehicle having a BML chassis number. It was withdrawn in 1960.


11. BAU 811 is seen at Longton Bus Station in 1951. It is an AEC Regent\NCME H38/26R, new to Nottingham in 1935. It arrived at Cheddleton in 1951 and ran until 1954. Note the unusual front wings fabricated by Berresford’s.


12. JX 6893 is a 1938 Roe bodied AEC Regent, new to Halifax Corporation. It arrived at Cheddleton in 1957 and lasted until 1959.


13. JP 6689 is a Bellhouse Hartwell bodied Leyland PS1 ex Smith’s of Donnington Wood in 1955. Berresford’s rebuilt it to full front and ran it until 1961.


14. JO 8452 was new to the City of Oxford Motor Services in 1933 and is a AEC Regent. The Bellhouse Hartwell body was new in 1949. It ran for Berresford’s from 1956-1959.


15. JP 8145 is a Beccols bodied AEC Regal III, new to Smith’s Wigan in 1950. It arrived at Cheddleton in 1956, lasting until 1961.


16. FWY 104 is seen outside Leek Cattle Market. It is a 1947 Leyland PD1 with Burlingham body, new to Longstaff at Mirfield. It arrived at Cheddleton in 1958, serving until 1964.


17. EM 5104 is one of a pair of Harrington bodied AEC Regal IV, acquired from Wright’s of Bootle in 1958. They were new in 1951\52 and survived at Cheddleton until 1961.                                                                                                    1960’s



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