Berresfords the 1960's


18.  OBF 341D is an Albion VT 21L with a Duple Firefly body, new to Berresford’s in 1966. It’s withdrawal date is uncertain.


19.  XMW 706 is a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with a Weymann body, new to Silver Star in 1961. It was one of three acquired by Berresford in 1967. XMW 706 was the shortest serving of the three, being withdrawn in 1968.


20.  DJA 178 is a 1949 ex-Stockport Corporation PD2/1 acquired in 1968. In total it is believed that Berresford acquired 24 of these machines. DJA 178 was withdrawn in 1970.


21. HD 8543 is a 1949 Leyland HR44 with a Weymann body acquired from Brunt’s of Mossley in 1968. It was withdrawn in 1969, later catching fire in the yard at Cheddleton. This would have been a prime candidate for preservation.                


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