Berresfords the 1970's


22.   MUF 626 is an ex-Southdown Leyland Tiger Cub with a Duple Midland body. It was new in 1953, arrived at Cheddleton in 1971 and was withdrawn in 1975.


23.   LRE 649K is one of a pair of Bedford YRQ/Duple coaches, bought new in 1972. It was withdrawn in 1985.


24.   NFV 327 is a Leyland PD2/27/MCW, new to Blackpool Corporation in 1958. Berresford’s bought it in 1974 and withdrew it in 1977, following an accident


25.   VDB 943 is one of a batch of ex-North Western AEC Reliances bought by Berresford in 1975/76. This one was new in 1963 and was withdrawn in 1980. The body was by Willowbrook with DP seating.


26.   265 AUF was one of three ex-East Kent Leyland Leopards bought in 1977, although they had been new to Southdown in 1963. Bodies were by Marshall. 265 AUF was withdrawn in 1981.


27.   TFN 409 was also bought from East Kent in 1977. It is an AEC Reliance with Park Royal body, being new in 1960. Berresford’s ran it until 1981.


28.   Berresford’s bought a few of these ex-Wigan Leyland PD2A/27 in 1976. Three of them entered service, KEK 745 having a NCME. body. Withdrawal took place in 1980.


29.   BTV 404B is one of four ex-Nottingham Leyland Atlanteans bought in 1978. They were new in 1964 and had NCME. bodies built in Nottingham’s distinctive style. BTV 404B ran until 1982.                                                                        


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