Berresfords the 1980's


30.   LCM 160G is seen in the garage at Cheddleton. It is a Leyland Atlantean with NCME body, acquired from Merseyside PTE in 1981. It was new in 1968 and was withdrawn by Berresford’s in 1987.


31. TDK 545K is seen in the hospital drive at Cheddleton on its first journey since acquisition by Berresford’s. It is a 1972 AEC Swift/Pennine ex-GMT, acquired in 1981. This vehicle was passed on to PMT in 1987 when Berresford’s closed down.


32. GTA 803N was the last vehicle acquired by Berresford’s in April 1987. It is an ex-Western National Leyland Leopard with Plaxton body, new in 1975. This vehicle also passed to PMT in 1987.


33. On the very last day NWA 262K is seen with long serving driver George Atkinson at the wheel. It is a 1972 Daimler Fleetline/ Alexander ex-South Yorkshire PTE, acquired by Berresford’s in 1984.


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