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Berresford Motors of Cheddleton


A short history.


In my early years, in the late1940's, the family lived in Weston Coyney, to the east of Stoke on Trent. I was always interested in buses and those of PMT, Stonier and of course Berresford regulaly passed our house. My earliest memories of Berresford's buses are of one of the Santus bodied Guy single deckers and KY9123, an ex-Bradford AEC Regent whose aluminium beading gleamed in the sun as it passed our house.


After a move to Blythe Bridge, I still saw Berresford's buses in Longton and on a school service to Stone which passed near to our house. When I started grammar school in the mid-1950's, I was deemed to be old enough to venture on my own, normally on a Sunday morning. Summer or Winter, to catch the first bus from Longton at Meir, which would take me to the garage at Cheddleton.


Having obtained permission from Mr Jim Berresford, I explored the hitherto unknown delights of the garage and all the old vehicles stored at the rear. With very frequent visits, a friendship developed with Mr Berresford and he would invite me to the office to see documents and old photographs and keep me abreast of what was happening, One evening I was invited to visit Jimmy Cortterill's house next to the garage, where a cine-film, which had been taken on a Berresford's holiday to Switzerland was being show. This film featured, I seem to remember, JP6689 a Bellhouse-Hartwell bodied Leyland PS1, a model of which is in build.


In those early years I made models of buses, rather crudely at first, out of card and later modified Dinky toys and the like. However, when I joined the then infant Model Bus Federation in 1969 I started to build scale bus kits which, at the time, were normally made from white metal. More recently, resin kits have become available and some models are scratch-built from Plasticard. Also, the de-casts of today are far removed from those early Dinkies and, as with most kits, they can be converted with care to represent other types.


My models are of Stevenson's of Uttoxeter, for whom I used to drive, and of Crosville which was always a favorite and used to be a very varied fleet. More recently, as the right kits became available, I have made models of many North Staffordshire operators, most no longer with us, including as you will see here, Berresford.


There are still many more kits to be made, but I hope that the photographs of my models which will be posted here progressively, will bring back many happy memories of a company which has been sadly missed by many. My thanks to Trevor Berresford and my good friend and modeller Bill Jackson for putting me in touch with Paul Brooks, the web co-ordinator, and to Paul for allowing this input.


Finally. a plea for help, I should be grateful if anyone could assist with a photograph of a Guy coach KPT502, which has a Wilke & Meade body and was aquired from Yeates in the mid 1950's and lasted for about two or three years but was extremely camera shy! I will gladly reimburse any reasonable costs.


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