Berresford Motors of Cheddleton

Message from Neil Armstrong

Message from Nigel Goldstraw.


Memories of a trip to Blackpool.

Like Glen of Bucknall we used Berresford motors to go on holiday to Blackpool. In the late seventys I was waiting with my mum and dad and my little brother at  Haregate hall also traveling was mr Sam Knight, his wife and daughters.When the bus failed to show my dad used a phonebox (this was before mobiles sadly) to contact Berresfords.Twenty minutes later a Byrnes transit mini bus pulled up with so much smoke coming from the rear we guessed it was coal driven. So we squeezed in with our suit cases and then settled down for a most unpleasent ride, but not so, the minibus drove us to tunstall where we changed to a double decker and not any double decker but a newly bought ex Nottingham atlantean.We had upstairs and the Knights had the lower floor and it was the best ride ever, even the cup of tea my dad got from Charnock Richard did not spill. Thats why they have been my favourate Berresford bus ever



 Message from David Owen,


I worked in the garage for 5 years and left early 82,  John Morris , Frank Harrison, Bullets , Curly, Chris Holdway, Paul Hemming, Mark Shwertz, Doug ‘Smudge’ Smith, John Lovett and my self and Kath Brown in the office if my memory is right . I do wonder were they all are now I do see Smudge in Leek from time to time and John Morris on occasions   There was also Mick Walley who worked in the garage, he drove the Scammel brake down truck.  I remember Mick and Mark Swertze going to Barnsley filling a bus up with parts and seats and bringing the bus back on suspended tow, the bus was 179 before we had the Scammel we did the spare parts run in the Seddon.


Message from Darren Bagnall,


Hi my dad drove for Berresfords in the 80's he did the service runs as well as day trips in the summer when growing up I used love going with him he was allowed to bring the coach home and when he locked up he would get me up and I would have to climb through the drivers window and open up for him he didn’t do much service work it was mainly hire work or picking up workers from Elkes or Creda, all so we would go to Dover and pick up passengers but we go the night before stop of at Deal then go to Dover sadly my dad died 2yrs ago this may I still have his PSV badge I enjoyed going with him and I wanted to follow in his foot steps but I can’t for medical reasons my dads was Roy Bagnall thanks Darren.


Mike from Cumbria


I told my father who grew up in Northwood and Bucknall in the 40’s & 50’s, about your site and these are the comment’s he made.

I remember riding on two of the buses in the gallery. BRF 364 and the Leyland Lion VR 5998.

The Leyland Lion had a driver that looked like the lion’s head on the radiator cap, also one journey on the Leyland Lion the engine set on fire and the driver used the extinguisher to put it out and then carried on the journey as if nothing had happened.


Glen from Bucknall


I remember travelling on Berresford’s to and from Hanley and Bucknall as a child also to Rhyl for family holidays, one year we didn’t get picked up for some reason, so Berresford’s actually sent a car out  to take us to Rhyl, this wouldn’t happen nowadays.


John F


Berresford Motor’s I remember a very popular family business. I recall with great affection the buses shown in the galleries and also others in the 40’s and 50’s e.g. the big Ford and Bedford Utility. Additionally the Mechanics, Drivers and Conductors who also made such a contribution to a unique service.

I believed all the records had been lost or destroyed. I am so pleased someone has had the foresight to produce this valuable record.


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