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Leek is a small Staffordshire Market Town situated to the east of the Potteries and on the edge of the Peak District.


Until 1963 Leek did not have a bus station, all vehicles setting down and picking up in the Town's streets, principally Hayward Street and Derby Street.    However, all this changed on Tuesday 1st October 1963 when Leek's new bus station was opened at 3.00pm by Mr. John Else MBE, Chairman of the West Midlands Traffic Commissioners. I know this detail because I have a set of the original bus station plans as well as Mr J Berresford's official invitation to the event. I also have in my possession other documents and memorabilia associated with the bus station, acquired during my years as a part-time driver with Berresford's and Procter's when I was a frequent visitor to the place.


Leek Bus Station was a busy place in the 1960's and 1970's, used by a variety of operators, the main ones being PMT, Berresford's, Proctor's, Trent, North Western and Crosville. There were also several small operators running market day services (Wednesday) as well as Yelloway who picked up and set down in Leek.


The following table demonstrates how busy Leek was, showing departures from the Bus Station in 1963:


                 Mon / Tues / Thurs / Fri    225

                 Wednesday                       273

                 Saturday                             254

                 Sunday                               136


As I said, a busy place!


Having this information at hand, a few years ago I built a model of Leek Bus Station, as I thought it would be ideal to display models of local operators through the years since 1963 as the bus station has changed very little since it was built - unlike myself! Having done this, towards the end of 2007, Eric Wain suggested that he and I should "do a shoot" on the layout using our collections of local models. What you see here are the fruits of our labours. Labours of love I might add.



Bill Jackson.


Models made by Eric Wain and Bill Jackson

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