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Berresford Motors of Cheddleton





Eric Wain


My earliest memories are from when my family lived in Weston Coyney in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  From an early age I have been interested in and fascinated by buses and coaches, and one bus company whose vehicles passed by the family house was Berresfords Motors of Cheddleton.  From about twelve years of age I was able to make visits to the garage, normally on the first Longton to Leek bus on a Sunday, and regular return visits were made over the years.  I was very fortunate in striking a friendship with Jim Berresford which significantly increased my enjoyment and furthered my interest in buses.


Following the publication of “Independent Operators of Staffordshire” by Neville Mercer and “Last Bus to Folly Lane” by Craig McBrine, I decided to write a definitive history of the company and its associated companies covering the period from inception in 1923 to closure in 1987.  My own recollections are supplemented by a wealth of historical material from a number of sources.  My good friend Bill Jackson gave me ready access to the amazing archive of Berresfords material, including files going back to the early 1920s, and has allowed the reproduction of photos from his collection, which includes many from the company archives.  Trevor Berresford has provided some treasured photographs and a wealth of information, personal recollections and stories, and has loaned some most interesting documents and company books.  Trevor Walters kindly passed more archive material to me.  Reminiscences from Jim Berresford and his sister Eileen Alcock from the company’s archive added much more interesting information, and Martyn Hearson has provided a great deal of information concerning the Stoniers operation.  Bill Jackson and Trevor Berresford very kindly read the early text of the book, although it has expanded significantly since then.


I hope that the book will bring back some memories and provide a wider insight into this well-known and respected company.  Long after the closure in 1987, the old garage site at Cheddleton was still referred to as Berresford’s garage.  2013 is a very significant year since it is the 90th anniversary of the start of the company.  


The book is due to be published on 7th December by Venture Publishing of Glossop as number 32 in its Super Prestige series; there are 160 pages containing c200 photographs, 38 of which are in colour, most not having been published previously.      


It is attractively priced at £17.95, and will be available from Webberley’s Bookshop, Hanley, The Picture Book, Leek, or direct from the publisher (01457 861508).

ISBN 978 190530 4578

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