Last Bus to Folly Lane

Berresford Motors of Cheddleton

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Last Bus to Folly Lane is a truly enchanting book which I thoroughly recommend for your library

shelf, researched and written by Craig McBrine, it brings together many previously unseen

photographs which combined with the workday diary experiences of Bill Jackson creates a very

atmospheric and interesting insight into the last ten years of Berresfords Motors.

The book covers a period between 1978 and 1987 when Berresfords were expanding

their empire and consolidating their presence as a North Staffordshire independent bus

operator, sadly the untimely death of proprietor Jim Berresford heralded the end of operations,

the company was taken into the ownership of Potteries Motor Traction and the famous “field”

behind Windy Arbour garage which for so long was a mecca for bus enthusiasts was finally

cleared of all its aged relics and contents for ever.


I completely connected with the spirit in which Last Bus to Folly Lane is written and presented,

reading was like travelling back in time when recalling and comparing my own memories of

Berresfords in the Seventies and Eighties. For me that’s the magic of this book, it is full of

personal experiences and refreshingly travels beyond being just another publication containing

myriads of bland facts and figures, the colour photographs are real enthusiast captures, the

workday diary accounts by Bill Jackson are real, full of grit and recount life at Berresfords

just like it was, that’s what makes Last Bus to Folly Lane so special.


Last Bus to Folly Lane is written and researched by Craig McBrine, published by Three Counties

Publishing (Books) Ltd and costs £14.95. ISBN 978-0-9554845-5-1


Three Counties Publishing (Books) Ltd can be contacted at

P.O. Box 435, Leek Staffs ST13 5TB or via their website