The survivors

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NSG 8691955 Albion Nimbus MR9 with Scottish Omnibus body. This is a prototype vehicle, acquired by Berresford’s in 1963, for the Basford Bridge services. It was still on site when Berresford’s closed in 1987, passing through the hands of several preservationists, until being bought by Trevor Walters. Trevor has completed an excellent restoration of this vehicle where it can often be seen at vehicle rallies.


1013 MW

1962 Leyland PDR1/1 with a Weymann body. This vehicle was new to Silver Star in 1962, being acquired by Berresford’s in 1967. It ran until 1978, when it was put out to grass at the side of the garage, remaining there until 1987 when it was sold for preservation.


3655 NE

1962 Leyland PSUC/Park Royal ex-Manchester Corporation. Acquired by Berresford in 1975, it was in service until 1982, but was still on site in 1987. Although not preserved, its engineless remains went to Devon but has now been returned to the Museum of Transport Manchester.

106leek ched